Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Thursday, February 13, 2020

We're Back. It's a temporary site, but we'll make it feel like home.

Jared, Marina and I did the royal tour of the school just to check in on everyone and to put faces to names. It was a pleasure to see all the little faces, hear the happy chatter and watch the teachers and support staff gather the children under their wings. It has been a tough ride for staff to pack and unpack and to get ready for a new year in a strange place. I am the one doing the whining and complaining and the staff  have been so positive and smiley. Maybe I need to rethink my attitude!!!

The Eagle Has Landed-well, the buses have!

When the buses pulled up on  the first day, and the children alighted, the school finally came to life. Schools without children, just don't cut the mustard. Parents and staff were at the Bus Stop to greet our tamariki. Welcome back to school on The Halswell Road Campus.

Teacher Only Day

 We had so much fun on TOD. It's really important that we keep laughing too.
There was a lot of learning to do and the best way to break up the day, is to play. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Year 6 Graduation Dinner at The Lone Star

 It is surprisingly difficult to bid senior students goodbye as they move on to intermediate. Many of these gorgeous children have been with us since they were pre-schoolers and came to school in their prams with older siblings. We will miss them. I am very proud of them and the ways in which our staff loved them and cared for them, Once you are a part of the Te Ara Koropiko West Spreydon School whanau, you are always a part of us.