Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal
Congratulations to successive school boards and staff who stood with us, while we fought to get he school that our tamariki and community deserve. Thank you to our friends in the Ministry of Education who stood beside us and guided us to achieve this fantastic result. Te Ara Koropiko is the proof of a community who have invested in this dream and who would not let go.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

One Bridge too Far

 Seriously, there are some days when reading with the teacher is more than a man can bear.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Life Jackets and wetsuits

 Thank you to Tū Mānawa funding for the life jackets and wetsuits. We are looking forward to a water safety programme this summer with a few differences. We have also applied for a couple of kayaks and paddle boards.  In the past we have been  generously supported and our children have benefited so much from the kindness of others. 

We are hoping to add petanquē and frisbee golf to our list of alternative sports so that we can have as many children as possible involved in activities.

Sweet Karolina

 Our new caretaker is a keen gardener and full of witticisms. It has been lovely to welcome her as a part of the TKWSS Team.

She is just learning how to work the ride-on-mower and I fear for the plants. 

Karolina has lots of ideas and sends an email at the end of each shift to update us on what needs to be done over the next few days, or what has been done on that day.

Kids Can

 Kids Can donated beautiful softshell jackets to all our children. Thank you for your generosity and to the many people across NZ who donate money to support children.

Our tamariki look so cute and snuggly warm.

Farewell John

 Today we farewelled John our cleaner after 18 years of looking after our school and waving his cleaning cloths around at night. He is a keen walker and has Stewart Island firmly in his sights as a place he wants to explore.

Best wishes John as you enjoy your retirement and many happy adventures.

Smash Cricket

 Holy smoke. Organising 5 year olds to follow instructions is harder than trying to herd cats. They were so cute and very keen to do the right thing. Hannah and I were laughing behind our masks, (by golly they come in handy) as the ever patient instructors  got the children to follow more than one instructor. Some of the children looked at the ball that had been hit across the floor and you could see them thinking, "You got here. Get yourself back."

I think some of you will have your babies coming home with a flyer, keen to join smash cricket this  summer. Best wishes.