Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Thursday, March 16, 2017

West Spreydon School Student Leaders

It is our pleasure to introduce our school leaders for 2017.
The teachers take this job seriously as we look at a variety of situations where we can see the children in operation. The leaders are children first and it is our responsibility to grow them into their leadership jobs. Lucy takes the lead in training and leading our student leaders.
Congratulations everyone.




Josh Nga Puhi

Eva Ngati Porou

Isabella Nuku A'lofa



Oderings/Horticultural Society School Garden Competition Gold Award

For the last three years Janice, Bill and Trish have led the charge to enter our school in this competition. Three entries; THREE GOLD AWARDS.

The judge who does the actual announcements of the awards is a professional garden designer and landscaper. He judges at Chelsea Garden Show, Ellerslie Garden Show and Singapore Gardens. He uses the same criteria when he looks at all of the elements of each school garden.

He takes the time to read every schools submission and compares that to the final product. There is a copy of his talk linked to the school website.
Congratulations everyone.

Splash Attack