Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Monday, August 20, 2018

Robocup Competition

Jared and Tam give up hours of their own time to teach the children how to write code, in order for them to programme their robots to complete a series of challenges. The competition has stepped up over the years we have been involved. I did notice a teacher from another school making changes to her teams coding to improve their performance. Tut tut naughty adult. It is about the children, and their ability to problem solve by changing the codes so that the robot can complete a challenge within the prescribed time.
I was so impressed with the  ways in which Cameron B dealt with the frustration of faulty coding and how he just kept plugging away at the possible solutions without once losing his cool. I could smell the brain cells burning.
Selwyn House hosted the competition and I must say I love the configuration of their outdoor quad as a learning and hanging out space. Anyone out there with a spare million or six?
Congratulations team and thanks whaea Maata for the ice creams.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Alive. alive oh

The plan to get the livestock  section up and running is on course. Bill managed to get Muscovy ducks and ducklings and they are in the process of settling into their new home a t West Spreydon School. The chooks were a little precious to start with but they are accepting the immigrants and getting the hang of duck talk.
Janice and Bill found a hidden cache of chook eggs in the orchard where the chooks had been laying a secret stash.
The next plan is for the mini kune kune pigs. They can be on leashes for the children to play with and they need a bath once a week. Let the fun begin.
Just so we are clear, these animals are not bound for the hangi pit. Us townies can't cope with pets being tucker.

Netball Final Game Year 3 and 4

The perk of the work is to be able to go to events with the children and parents. We have so many out of school hours events on the go, that it takes a bit of management and organisation to get there, but things are so worthwhile. It is gorgeous to see the children and their whanau support involved. For once the bitter wind was not whistling through Hagley Park. The rules and courts are modified so that the children can succeed. They still play your turn my turn and read each others cv's before they pass the ball, but their skills are growing and they are loving the chance to compete. Go West Spreydon and special thanks to the wonderful coach Julie Hughey and team supporters.