Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Learners' Pool Is Back

The Learners' Pool is back in operation thanks to a generous grant and even more generous support from our school families.It has taken a lot of work from a small group of parents and supporters to ensure that our little pool can be used again by the children in our school. I'm learning that when someone says "It's impossible," that there are parents in our school whanau who say"Yeah right!"  Thank you to everyone who gave up Christmas vacation time and weekends to make the impossible happen.

Hanmer Teacher Only Days January 2013

Friday Mornings Before School-The Heart of The Local Community

Duane leads organisation the run chase for the kids cricket

Rochelle steps it up to the beat

Wendy and our children enjoying the beat

Ruth and Jared serve the best coffee.

time for a chat and catch-up.between parents, board and staff. I love it.

this is the best way for new parents and old hands to network with school families.

The heart of the local community can begin with our school. Our mission is to be an important part of the local community; its history and its future. Thanks to volunteer parents and teachers who give their busy time, we begin the day before school starts on Fridays with Jump Jam, coffee, a game of cricket and a chat. It's magic.