Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anti bullying day at West Spreydon School.

I have decided that I love the pink and navy so much we can have it as our new uniform colour. The boys can wear Aqua and navy.
We have talked to the children about what bullying can look like, and more importantly how friends can do bullies out of a job. Good friends look after their mates so that bullies don't get a chance to bully. Our children heard again how important it is to tell an adult or get help if someone is being bullied. The worst thing we can do is stand by and let a bully get away with being a bully.
Our staff, some parents and children wore pink to show that we mean business when it comes to stopping bullying.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

School Cross Country

Our youngest member of the school community; Baby Autumn.

It was party time at school on Monday morning. The organisation was superb; thanks Rochelle.
You can't teach teachers how to have a good time and how to make the event a celebration for everyone. The WSS teachers just do it. If only I could take credit for it.
The children tried so hard to compete and to win. We were looking for winners and not just happy participants. Our goal is to identify the talents and strengths of every child in this school and to ensure that we nurture and challenge those abilities.
Thank you to all of the staff who planned, assisted, supported and made this such a wonderful school event.
A helping hand

Not everyone loves cross country. Aaaaah.

The big kids encourage and help

Natalie The EveryReady Bunny gets the children warmed up.