Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Entrant Cooking

Today was rhubarb crumble cooking day for the new entrant children. I got a taster too. Yeah me. The rhubarb is from our school garden and cooked with sugar and love by Janice Krammer the children's teacher.


Risingholme Community Orchestra

We were so fortunate to have the Risingholme Community Orchestra perform for us.
For many children it was their first introduction to classical music and to the musical instruments that make those distinct sounds.
It was thinking time for all children as they tried to locate the melody and recognise the instruments that were playing the repeated them.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to perform for us.

 It was real life music in our living room!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playground- Houston, we have lift off!

How exciting to have the truck, digger, auger and concrete trucks roll in. We are on our way.
The playground has been in the dream stage for 4 years and now we are started.
Thanks especially to Huntley and his crew for the gear and the manpower.
We have had big dollar donations from a couple of Rotary chapters who are helping us to make the dream come true.
the lads discuss the options
Huntley the man in charge wishing the rain away.
Duane sharing a joke and by golly getting his hands dirty, gloves and all.
Bill and Huntley making sure that post is straight
"A bit to the left, Mate."
the first concrete down the chute.
Proud as! All going to plan.
The director with hands on hips, overseeing the technical process. You go guy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Moderation of student achievement data with Aidenfield Christian School.

We met with the lovely teaching staff of Aidenfield Christian School one afternoon after school.  The purpose was to compare how we assessed student achievement in written language. Both schools use e-asTTLe as an assessment tool and we were interested to know if we were comparing and deciding by the same criteria.
We were! It's always valuable to meet with other professionals to talk about best practice in teaching and learning. What a lovely group of professionals they are. The children in the south west are well served by expert teachers who care deeply about the children in their care.

Robotics Science Focus Term 4

Science is alive and well at WSS. Our whole school focus this term was on robotics and it was immensely popular with boys and girls from the five year olds to our senior students. I heard lots of laughing as the robots, programmed by the children took off across the floor or went around in circles much to the children's delight. We don't need a laboratory to learn exciting and relevant science. Mind you I wouldn't say no if one were on offer.

Teacher Planning Day for 2014

Nicky and Adam

Lucy Denne appointed for a year's fixed term teaching position at WSS.

Shirley Haynes and Rochelle Everest

Jude Lange has been appointed as permanent job share along with Rochelle Everest. They are an exceptional combination.

Nicky Ifield and Adam Gardiner-new teachers for 2014. Adam has been appointed to a permanent position.

Jared Fretwell and Angeline Malae-both appointed as permanent teachers at WSS.

Rather than close the school we put guest teachers in the school for a day so that we could plan together as a teaching team on 14 November. Believe it or not we were planning ahead for 2014. We will miss Donna. She goes with our love and blessings. We are looking forward to creating new memories and new leadership at our school over the next few years.