Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cycle Safe 2016

It's that time again when all great children blow the cobwebs off the  bike seat, check their helmets and try desperately to remember what it means to show care and common sense on the road. We know that developmentally the majority of children do not have the skills, judgement or co-ordination to be riding bikes on the road until they are about 10.
The cycle safe team go over the balance and co-ordination skills and decision making with the children before they are prepared to let them near the road. It's still very hit and miss and doesn't take into account driver inattention and error.
Lets keep our children safe on the roads. Talk to your child about the dangers as well as the joys of being a bike rider.
Thanks to the Cycle Safe Team.


Pam Warhurst, Incredible Edibles

 We were very proud to host Pam Warhurst from Yorkshire. She was the keynote speaker  at a community garden hui in our school. The hui was attended by teachers, community workers, neighbourhood groups and  city council.
Pam is a TEDTalk speaker and is clear in her mission to make people rethink the place of Incredible Edibles in the community environment. Pam doesn't let red, blue, orange or green tape stop her. She believes that a few people can make a big difference.
Pam is motivational and inspirational. Her visit coincided with the 5 year commemoration of the 2011 earthquakes which brought so much damage and heartache to many in Christchurch. Our school gardens are a symbol of renewal and resilience as people put their energy into creating new and better, rather than focusing on what was gone.
He mihi to the teachers and volunteers who are looking to make the environment healthier for our tamariki and for their whanau for generations to come.

Our children sang a waiata to welcome our visitors.

Lake Wanaka Challenge Half

We are so proud of Rochelle Everest, Natalie Tasker and Jude Lange who have been training over the past months to ready themselves for this half iron man event.
The weather, terrain and temperature all played a part in the event.
They entered as "West Spreydon Teachers Do It."
At the end of the event they were exhausted and placed 35/73. This is amazing. They represent everything we believe about Attitude, Adventure, Achievement.
Well done ladies. We are so proud to have you as part of our school team. The example you set for the children and for your colleagues is AWESOMENESS IN THE EXTREME.

Rochelle, Jude, Natalie


Some of our potential student leaders attended a sports leadership course at Lincoln Events Centre on Thursday of week 3.
The day was organised and run by Sport Canterbury with  coaches fron various sports. The day included practicum and planning.
We were fascinated to observe how leadership can flourish and how some children find the challenge very difficult.
It was a pleasure to spend the day with the children and with Rochelle as our teacher sports coordinator.