Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Monday, February 15, 2016

Student Leadership Training

Whaea Lucy is calling on her training as a team leader, American Summer Camp Counsellor and life guard to design and deliver a student based leadership programme. We often see the potential in young people and don't deliver on training that will help them to fulfill that potential. West Spreydon School has been deliberate in its approach to leadership training and this year it will be a completely home grown programme.
Lucy ran a wonderful leadership day for the Year 6 students on Monday 15 February.
The activities and learning were aimed at the needs and levels of the children. Amidst the laughter and chat there was a lot of real life learning as the children had opportunities to shine and try out their strengths.
As always we have surprises as there are often quiet students who could slip under the radar, who emerge as thinkers, strategists, organisers and people managers.
It was a privilege to watch the children and our teacher Lucy in action. She is an encourager and astute observer of human behaviour.
Thank you to Lucy and Angie for their leadership and organisation to provide our children with a special day for the children to learn and to shine.


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