Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pohutukawa Team Adventure Time on PhotoPeach

Pool Committee, Board of Trustees, PTA and Staff BBQ At The Pool that Needs Your Help on PhotoPeach

Cycle Safety at West Spreydon School. on PhotoPeach

To Everything there is a season; A Time To Laugh...

Cornflakes and Magic Mat meet West Spreydon School Part 1 on PhotoPeach

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Cornflake The Clown and Magic Mat Part 2 on PhotoPeach

March 16th Back to School. Where's Wally? on PhotoPeach

Joshua Foundation Year 6 Leadership Training 1 on PhotoPeach

Joshua Foundation Year 6 Leadership Training 2 on PhotoPeach

The Ride-On-Mower, The Caretaker and the saga of the grass.

The morning before the world went mad, Bill our caretaker had the purchase of the school mower approved. It was such a return to normal to see him perched on the driver's seat last week. As my dad used to say,"Sitting up there like Jackie." I have no idea who Jackie is but dad mentioned him a lot. So here are the pics of Bill, mowing the lawns as and when needed. Over three years the mower will have paid for itself as we will not have to pay contractors fees and we can have the lawns mowed as often as we like or need.

This is the same Bill who on the day of Feb 22 and every other day since has worked tirelessly to restore our school. He also had a key role in keeping staff and children safe in the midst of fear and chaos. Bill is a treasure and we acknowledge his value to us and our school.
You Go Bill.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6.3. February 22 2011

Not what we had planned to happen on that afternoon I can assure you! We had year 6 children out on the road with Cycle Safety instructors and a group of children 30 seconds away from getting into the pool with professional instructors. Miraculously no-one was injured except for a leg scrape from falling off a bike. I owe a huge personal and professional debt to our staff who put aside their own fears and worries about their families to keep the children safe. It is possible to comfort others when you are terrified yourself. Our board appeared on the school grounds from every direction and offered help as did many parents. Bill our caretaker is one of the most courageous and giving people I have ever encountered. He kept us all calm and seemed to be everywhere in the school at once, turning things off, undoing things and making himself available to everyone. He even found some ice-blocks for us.
Our children were so brave and able to comfort each other.
No-one in our school community lost his/her life but we all know of friends of friends who didn't come home. I am thankful for miracles and mercies.
Our board has worked its tail off liaising and bargaining with every man and his dog while I was on the phone to everyman and his other dog.
We re-opened for students on Wednesday 16th and hearing laughter and chatter in the buildings and grounds has been such a healing thing for us all.
Eight of the classrooms are damaged and our big pool is "muntered." Some of the pool is covered under insurance so all is not lost. If you happen to have inherited a fortune and you are looking for a good cause then please pick us. Four of the classes are being repaired for re-occupation and the middle four are on the wait and see list as the damage to them is more severe.
Our school is about Attitude, Adventure and Achievement so we won't stay down for long. There are classes in the hall and library and in the rooms that used to be the Toy Library and One Day School. They had to get out at short notice and I thank them so much for biting the bullet and moving. It wasn't easy for them at all. Thanks to Bonnie's dad for the bottled water.
Time for a cuppa in the staffroom for parents on the first day back to school March 16th.

Bridgit and Joy share a laugh and a cuddle. Both of them are on our pool committee.

Nothing will keep these two down in the dumps.

Some of these parents offered to do playground duty to give the teachers a break. Find me a better community and I will "go he."

Hamish, Kaye and Sue glad to be back. Sue and Hamish trucked in water for us.
Our hearts, thoughts and prayers, along with a sick feeling in the tummy, go to the Japanese people who are facing far worse than we have experienced.
Down but not out for the count.

An unhappy building with a great paint job.
Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, messages and offers of help. Our school is so much at the heart of the local community.