Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Athletics Day September 2016

Thank you to Rochelle and her team for the fantastic day of athletics. There was a glitch in the final communication and I know that that was disappointing for some and an oopsy from the staff. Thanks for bearing with the hitch and for turning up to support the children if you were able to.
We had so many parents and staff willing to take part in the parents v teachers v students relay! I was "afeared" that someone would rupture an achilles and that we would have staff and children on crutches.

It is magic to see children discover their strengths and there are some great little athletes amongst the children. Ethan Waller has fantastic form for high jump and long jump and it was a pleasure to watch him give his best on every round.
We have so many 5 year olds and they struggled to understand the routine and to copewith the changes. It was very funny that the teachers didn't know the names of the very new children and that the children didn't know their own names either! It's just like hearding cats. A few of our children are very talented athletes and they give everything to succeed. They are a pleasure to watch.



What to do when a Radio Station asks to come to school to broadcast live and to give out prizes? You say yes and let the games begin.
We had a great hour or so with them and the children got to play with whoopie cushions and balloons that make putt putt noises.