Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learners and Winners

Check out the cheesy grin of a little girl who's learning to read.

Amelia reads her first words.
I haven't been in too much of a fuss to blog lately as I have struggled a bit with the aftermath of the earthquake and the ongoing leaping about. Doctors are great people to talk to so if you like me have had a struggle to get a positive perspective don't be shy about seeking help.
You have to laugh really as last Sunday I was hanging onto the door frame with one foot on the deck and one foot in the house as the latest revolting shake hit and I know I looked petrified. My 16 year old grandson walked past me, said"You o.k. nanny?" and carried on downstairs and my dearly beloved called out from the bathroom "What's the problem? Is there an earthquake?"
To cheer me up I have been looking at children who are learners and this week I saw a little champion who has found learning to read a real mystery. She's been working with Marg our teacher aide and she came in this week with her book and a smile too wide to get in the door.
Amelia read her four words to me with such expression and pride. It is like solving a mystery and breaking a secret code when kids get the idea that those marks on the page mean something.
I'm sorry folks but national standards mean nothing when you see the break through that a child has at her own level. At this stage of her learning I don't care whether she meets the national standard (whatever that is and I can't wait for someone to decide what it is.) This child exceeded her own expectations all in one day. That's learning.

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