Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Student Led Conferences June 2010

In June of each year our teachers organize a time for parents and their children to get together to talk about learning. This is the second year we have planned this and it is thrilling to see how the children have grown in confidence to talk about what they have achieved and what they need to do to make  the next level of success. This fits beautifully with the New Zealand Curriculum that states that children need to develop the abilities to manage themselves and their learning, become self reflective and think deeply about their learning and choices and to make connections between themselves, others and the environment in real life learning contexts.
Sounds pretty high brow ,eh?  

Big ups to all of the parents and children who made the commitment to attend the conferences and to share the learning stories. It is your child who will benefit and so will you as you will have first hand information to be able to help your child at home.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What makes a successful Board of Trustees apart from an absolutely fantastic Principal? Yeah Right!

Maata and Duane are on task and thinking hard.
Bridgit the newby trustee and Dave after one year as a trustee, lead each other up the garden path.
Paul looks a little stunned as he follows Charmaines lead at his first Board Meeting
You can just tell that Dave is at home on the board.
Paul, Charmaine and Dave discuss one of the reports.
Maata, Duane and Rosemary look at data on student achievement and prepare to ask the hard questions. Duane and Rosemary are the co-chairs of our board.
Bridgit and Dave  brought magazines to the board meeting in case it was boring!! Just kidding.

Duane, Rosemary, Bridgit, Paul, Dave, Maata, Marriene and Charmaine.
That's the Board of Trustees Team at West Spreydon School

Okey dokey then what does make an effective Board of Trustees at West Spreydon School?
  • co-board chairs who meet with me every week to give pastoral care and support and to push forward with strategic goals. Actually having two board chairs is so far very successful for us; we are a fine balance of rational thinking, impulse, "ready, fire, aim," can-do, detail, motivators and senses of humour
  • a board who understands the difference between governance and management and who is highly effective in the governance arena. Big picture thinking and strength based leadership operating at board level make us a very forward thinking board
  • a board who values training and professional learning. One week after our first board meeting we met to train together with Al Fone on governance and management and a few weeks later on how to conduct effective audits. Thanks to MoE for its funding support
  • making time to think and plan together. In August we have a two day retreat in Hanmer. In between we plan and meet
  • well planned board meetings with an agenda that is set in advance and has no general business
  • ability and willingness to laugh and have fun
  • a board that asks the hard questions about student achievement and then takes responsibility to make a difference.The words,"So what can we do as a board?" are the ones guaranteed to melt even the toughest Principal's heart
  • high levels of challenge and support for each other and our staff. Our board has a high regard for our staff and lets them know it
  • belief and talk about our staff and school being the future of our community
  • loyalty and belief in each other to be the best that we can be
  • a sense of  a team on an adventure that has risks and challenges but will bring incredible rewards for our children and teachers
  • high levels of trust in me to raise the profile of the school, develop our staff as a formidable teaching team and to have the freedom to try new things
  • Perfection? I think not. But we have a culture where we are allowed to make mistakes and to keep moving on
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Friday, June 18, 2010

South Music Festival June 2010 on PhotoPeach

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shortland Street comes to West Spreydon School

Shaun Edwards- Brown spoke to the children at our assembly last week. Shaun played Ben on Shortland Street.
He was very humble about his successes and chose to speak to the children about The West Spreydon School Triple A's.
Shaun told them how he has overcome disappointment and remained determined to work hard for his goals. He always wanted to be a teacher and to act. He does both and is very passionate about what he does. He teaches drama at Cashmere High School.
He talked about his disappointment when he didn't win a part on Shortland Street and about how he had to bounce back and try again until he achieved his goal.
There was lots of giggling from the children and from Mr Crowl when Shaun explained that having to kiss someone on t.v. is just part of the job.

Thanks Shaun. We were very pleased to have you as a guest in our school.
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