Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New School Sign

When I started here nearly two years ago the Board were very keen to re-brand and re-sign the school. It has taken a lot of discussion and negotiation along the way BUT this morning the first step in the re-signing/re branding process was taken when the new sign was erected at the front of the school today. If Duane, one of the Board Chairs had had his way it would have been finished before his eldest son enrolled here a year ago.
I must have looked a sight belting across the muddy field to take shots of the sign being cemented in place. I think that the guys from the sign company were deliberately pretending to offer up the sign just to make me rush out with the camera. Worth a laugh.
This is the first of the plans to re market our school with new logos, letterhead, motto etc.
As of today our school roll reached 190 so we are excited to be presenting our school as the school of choice in our local community.
Great marketing is one thing-we have the quality product to back it up.
We are here to make a positive difference for our families and our community. We're on our way. One small step at a time.The journey starts here...

Mentors Make A Difference

I was in the playgound today and saw more adults there than I figured were on our payroll. It took a while for the penny to drop as I realized that there were four mentors from Spreydon Baptist Cross Over Trust in the playground with the children. They were playing touch rugby, cruising and talking and playing soccer. Roy, Amanda, Al and Corey are such a fantastic asset to our school. We are richer for having the input of volunteers who genuinely care about our children and who want to spend time with them playing games and having fun. They come to school on a regular basis to be with our children. Thanks team.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Healthy Heroes

This term we are part of a Rotary Project which is promoting Healthy Heroes. The children have wonderful incentives as they achieve the milestones in their homework.
Last week they were given a small gift each as they met the criteria of healthy eating, sleeping, exercise and completing  a service for someone else.
We are very grateful for the commitment of adults in our community who genuinely care about our children and who want to be involved in preparing them for life.
One of my Board Chairs Duane says often that the school is a vital part of the "village community" that works together to raise a child.
We can't always thank everyone who is part of our school village because there are so many of you. If you are one of those special people who are part of our school, quietly sacrificing time, products and skills to our school then  I thank you on behalf of all of us.
You have the ATTITUDE, ADVENTURE, ACHIEVEMENT living that we love.

How do I stay in touch and stay sane in a busy week?

This week was bordering on frenetic and I have the easy job! My teachers had to remember to breathe.
One of the nicest ways for me to remind myself about the reasons for being the "boss of the School" is to go with the children to Hagley Park and watch them play sports.
Sport does have a big focus in our school from year 4 up. The year 5 and 6 children can compete against other schools in our zone. We have netball, rugby and soccer teams competing this winter.I feel incredibly proud of the teachers and children when I see them striving to be the best. Sometimes life is about winning and losing and our children need determination to win through skill, fitness and teamwork.
Today the girls had a resounding win and I watched some children flourish under the challenge of competiton and one or two who stood out above their team mates.
I also saw the opposition team dig deep and never give up even though they were getting beaten.
If that is the kind of resilience and determination we are building in children then we are truly equipping them for life.
Special thanks to the teachers and volunteers who give their time to make these events happen.

Winter Sports have begun