Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ERO Report

Our review was in July. It was a rigorous and very helpful process. The fantastic result is a wonderful report which reflects 5 years of dedication and hard work on the part of the board, staff, parents and community. We have also had excellent advice from Ministry of Education, advisers and quality input from well chosen professional learning.

The majority of schools in New Zealand are reviewed within 3 years. This is a mark of schools that are doing a good solid job.

Our next review will be in 4-5 years. This is a reflection of a high performing school and means that we are in the top bracket of schools in New Zealand.
Does this matter? By golly yes. We have had huge changes in our school and many demands placed upon us through legislation. We have kept up and surpassed the average.
Will we sit back and relax? Not likely.

Thank you to everyone who has worked alongside us to make our school a cut above.
We are so proud of our progress and keen to keep making a difference for our children.

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