Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Monday, November 18, 2013

Come Up Smelling of Roses

Just before I came here as principal 5 years ago the children were surveyed at the end of an inquiry learning and said that they wanted more flowers in the school. Bill and I have had many wanderings and ponderings about the subject. He's a fruit and veg and native planting  man and I like the flowers. We have agreed to demarcation. I handle the roses and flowers he does the donkey work.
I started with three standard roses and  surprise surprise they grow from cuttings. I can grow roses!!!!
Now the front of the school is rose rich. Bill looks after the planting and watering part and I do the pruning, feeding and bug control. This year the roses look gorgeous and there's something really cheerful about walking into the school with brilliant buds and flowers. I just have to persuade the little ones that picking the flowers for their teacher or mum is not a part of the deal.

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