Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Developmental Theory Dr Gordon Neufeld.

In November 2015, in partnership with the Wayne Francis Trust and South West Baptist, we brought Dr Gordon Neufeld and his wife Joy to Christchurch to take a series of seminars on developmental theory.
This is what we have used to underpin the way that we do things here in West Spreydon School.
The need to be loved and to have unconditional invitation to exist lies at the very heart of the needs of every child (and adult.)
It was fantastic to have the opportunity to learn about neuro-science and the anatomy of things like aggression, the making and unmaking of bullies, anxiety, attachment, separation, vulnerability and maturity.
despite a lot of advertising many people missed out. Their loss. 
We are bringing him back to Christchurch in September 2017 for further series to help to unpack how and why the brain functions the way that it does.
Many parents and professional people had personal breakthroughs as they came to realize the root causes for some of their own thinking.
I have been very fortunate to be able to study with the Neufeld Institute since 2013 when Duane, our Board Chair and I attended a Level 1 intensive in Montreal.
In 2014 I studied intensive 11 online and then completed Advanced Intensive 111 in Parksville, Vancouver Island as apart of my sabbatical.
At West Spreydon School we believe and act on the belief that every child can reach his/her full potential as a human being with our help and support. We have seen truly remarkable results over the years.
Thank you to Gordon and Joy for their time and skills. We are so looking forward to you coming back.

Tricia PA and conference organizer.


Lizzie Chee Conference Organizer and Jason Chee

Duane and Ruth Major

Dr Gordon and Joy Neufeld.

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