Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Monday, November 14, 2016

Passion Projects

Our senior children have been involved in some fabulous opportunities to extend their learning and experiences.They have had the choice of cooking, supporting senior citizens, triathlon, tapa cloth, camping, conservation and pest eradication. 
They have attached some fund raising to many of their projects in order to be able to give something back to community organisations.
They have raised money for The Blind Foundation, RSPCA and George Manning Retirement village (for day games for the residents to play)
I am so proud of the way our teachers go the extra 10 miles for the children and the ways in which the children are learning about being citizens and taking responsibility for the welfare of others. Today was a fundraiser for RSPCA and the Blind Foundation. The are also cleaning staff cars to raise extra dollars to give away. The truth is that Angie ended up doing most of the work because the children had no idea how hard it was to clean a car. I thinkk that she resigned 3 times this afternoon!
When we are asked about character and citizenship we have great examples of what that really looks like in our school.
They raised:

  • $298 for SPCA from a mufti day
  • $35 from a car wash for endangered animals
  • $51.50 for the Vegetation Group from a bake sale
  • $203.60 for Blind Foundation from a bake sale and $40 from independent fundraising

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