Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Principal's Big Day Out

Last week I was the driver and organizer of a couple of trips to the Canterbury Museum for two groups of students from Years 5 & 6. The movies of our adventures at the museum are attached to the school's website.
During a visit to their classes I learned that they were researching different aspects of life in the 1800's and remembered the wonderful resources we have in the museum.
It was a delight to take the children and very hard not to laugh when I overheard some of their conversations. Kids say the "darndest" things.
I admit that the drive home with the boys, after the sugar from the iced chocolate had hit their bloodstreams, was somewhat manky. It sounds like I am generous but in truth I needed the coffee and just couldn't bring myself to let them starve.
I am in the unique position of having the freedom to work with students as  they learn without the burden of assessment and monitoring. I'm not sure what national standard we met last week but the conversations the children shared about their learning were thoughtful, insightful and at times very funny.  The boys especially were all over the place like blowflies at a picnic BUT learning as they flitted from "sandwich to sandwich."
I love my job.

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