Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kahukura Performing Arts Lead Teachers Day

We had a fabulous day together yesterday to review our strategic plan, report on initiatives in schools, fine tune The Kahukura Music Festival plans and to learn more about conducting from The Maestro, Dr Andrew Withington.
It is a privilege to be able to learn from an expert. Dr Andrew was interviewed by Kim Hill recently and he spoke about his search and thesis as well as his experiences conducting choirs and orchestras.
We went through techniques and universal hand signals to help us to get the best out of our choirs and chorales.
We were all under pressure to conduct the rest of the group and in between the laughter we all learned so much. It's not easy to be prepared to have your technique scrutinized, no matter how supportive everyone is. We realize that we place children under that kind of spotlight every day, and it's good for us to wave an arm, or walk a mile in their shoes.
The Kahukura Lead Teachers are a pleasure to work with. They are prepared to take risks so that they can learn, and they are prepared to challenge the children in their care, so that those children have the opportunity to perform at the highest levels.
Thank you Andrew for your generosity and good humour. I had a blast. Thank you Lauren, Kate, Kate, Julia, kayte, Kim and Matt, Ally and Jane who joined us for the professional learning part.

Thanks Father Frank. Ever the Pastoral Eye upon this little creative flock.

The food wasn't to be sneezed at either.

Dr Andrew Withington

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