Marriene Langton Principal

Marriene Langton Principal

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Waimokihi Kaitiaki: The Mother of All Clean-ups

Waimokihi Kaitiaki- that's us in partnership with Canterbury waterways and the local community board.
Each year Sjaan organises a fantastic learning experience for the children based around being kaitiaki of the Waimokihi. This area is culturally significant as it was once the place where Maori sent food down the river on flax rafts. Some of the food would have been sourced from this part of the river and the local area.
Sjaan talks about the long and short finned eels which are under threat because of the structures built on the waterways that prevent the eels from swimming up or down stream, and the impact of pasture run off and garbage in the stream.
The children collect the garbage and each year it is shocking to find what has found it's way into the local waterways.
The children are able to carefully handle the eels that have been trapped by Sjaan, before the eels are returned to the Waimokihi.
Once again The Right Honourable Dr Megan Woods made time to be present for this event. We appreciate Megan's genuine interest in our school and the local environment.

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